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Your current subscription may be holding you back from a complete instrument management solution. 

We know surgical instrument management is a monumental task, which left unchecked requires significant expenditures of both time and money for your facility. We created CensiTrac to combat the problems associated with instrument tracking and management and put you in full control of your surgical inventory.

                        Advanced Reporting Data                      Track instruments to each patient and procedure

   Instrument Maintenance Management   Reduce instrument replacement costs and failures

                       Workflow Efficiency                        Expedite tray assembly times

CensiTrac was the first instrument tracking system built to track all the way down to the instrument-level. Our advanced system allows you to customize your reports to track marked instruments to each patient and procedure. Learn how to custom reporting works in this short tutorial.

Stop sending instruments out for costly repairs or refurbishments before it's time. Our advanced system lets you know the sterilization and maintenance history of each marked instrument at the touch of a button making it easy to quantify repair, replacement and refurbishment costs. Learn how to track instrument maintenance in this short tutorial.

Take the guess work out of tray assembly. With the advanced substitutions functionality you are able to approve correct and prevent unsuitable substitutions fluidly improving efficiency and safety during the assembly phase. Learn how to use substitutions effectively in this short tutorial.


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