Surgical Tray Tracking that Works

CensiTrac helps your SPD team manage surgical tray tracking from start to finish with intuitive steps that streamline the entire process.

Have confidence in tray accuracy

CensiTrac is more than just electronic count sheets—all technicians are able to access asset images, identify approved substitutes, and receive alerts if trays are incorrect or incomplete.

Stay up to date with oneSOURCE

Our unprecedented oneSOURCE integration keeps technicians up to date on how to handle and prepare asset in your surgical inventory.

Assemble urgent trays first

Our OR scheduler interface helps technicians prioritize assets for assembly based on real-time OR needs.

Save money on maintenance

Say goodbye to arbitrary and costly maintenance schedule. CensiTrac alerts you when your assets need maintenance based on use.

surgical tray tracking

Streamline Tray Assembly

In addition to electronic count sheets, technicians have instant access to images of individual instruments and fully assembled trays to make tray assembly faster and more accurate. If a tray has the wrong assets, CensiTrac alerts the technician with visual and audible cues so they know to resolve the issue before moving on. Special assembly instructions, approved substitutions, and critical assets required for a tray to proceed to sterilization are also available to the technician–improving surgical tray tracking accuracy and reducing training time.

In addition, our unique oneSOURCE integration gives technicians quick access to validated manufacturers’ IFU pages at strategic points throughout the workflow, so they have instant access to the information they need to process the tray.

Competency Tracking That Ensures Compliance

AAMI recommends that your staff has verified competency with the equipment they process. CensiTrac’s competency module keeps you compliant with its training and certification management and shuts down a user’s access to workflows they’re not qualified for.

Simplify Peel Packs

CensiTrac makes peel pack prep easier by allowing all instruments to be flagged for peel pack labeling, as well as individual labeling for marked instruments. Keeping tabs on everything is easy, as the sterilization and location of marked instruments are both completely traceable.

surgical tray tracking
surgical tray tracking

Gain Insight with Actionable Reporting

CensiTrac gives you unlimited access to the data behind everything that happens in your SPD, equipping you to make research-backed changes that will actually increase efficiency, save money, and simplify workflows.

See the big picture of your perioperative loop

Identify the choke-points in your perioperative loop, increase efficiencies, and reduce overall throughput.

Understand where the money’s going

Use real data to justify budgetary requests with unlimited custom reports that are just a few clicks away.

Make decisions based on hard data

Have effective, data-driven department oversight, allowing you to make decisions based on fact, not gut-feelings.

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