Keeping track of mobile equipment is an on-going challenge for most facilities.  By combining your facility's radio-frequency identification (RFID) infrastructure, Censis’ MobileTrac system helps you go beyond real-time asset location:

  • Manage preventative maintenance programs.
  • Improve asset utilization rates.
  • Reduce peak need equipment rentals.

MobileTrac enables you to accomplish all this while capturing data analytics that support quality improvement initiatives.

Workflow Efficiency

For caregivers, the ability to locate equipment quickly and easily is crucial to delivering effective, on-time treatment.

More Time Delivering Quality Care.

Staff will spend less time searching for assets, and more time fulfilling your facility’s mission of delivering quality care.

No More Asset-Hoarding

Staff won’t need to “stash” frequently used, hard to find equipment to make sure they have what they need, when they need it.

Efficient, On-Time Care

Treatment delays happen, but reducing or eliminating device shortages can dramatically reduce their frequency.

The MobileTrac solution combined with RFID technology allows facilities to see the location of every marked asset in your inventory--in real time. Multi-site facilities will finally have the ability to effectively track equipment throughout their healthcare environment.


Asset Tracking Is Just The Beginning…

In just a few clicks, MobileTrac goes deeper than just providing the current location of your assets--you get a 3-dimensional view that helps you make data-driven asset decisions.

Whether you’re looking for asset utilization rates, preventative maintenance schedules, or inventory costs, MobileTrac gives you the data that can save you from making unnecessary and expensive asset investments, while helping your team extend the useful life of your equipment.

Get Every Last Drop of Productivity Out of Your Equipment

There are few budget-killers more frustrating than the need to replace equipment that unexpectedly or prematurely fails. Worse, these issues can often be avoided with the proper tools.

Using preventative maintenance schedules, action prompts, and other innovative features, MobileTrac gives your BioMed staff the key to maximizing the effective life of your equipment, ensuring you replace equipment based on your investment timeline… not based on avoidable breakdowns.


How MobileTrac Can Help Your Facility