Why Should You Switch to CensiTrac™? 

Jim Creason

Former SPS Supervisor,  Jason Rawlings (CRCST) discusses why he switched to CensiTrac.

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by C. Jason Rawlings (CRCST) + Justin Poulin (CEO of Beyond Clean)

Reasons to Switch to CensiTrac

Jason Rawlings explains what made him switch his Sterile Processing Department to CensiTrac.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Jason Rawlings explains how Censis supported his team even after the implementation process

Ease of Implementation Process

Jason Rawlings explains how the conversion to CensiTrac was easy and painless for his facility

Integration Into Your Ecosystem

Jason Rawlings explains how CensiTrac is the one center hub for everything in your SPD

 Your choice of a trusted partner to manage your surgical instrumentation is a decision that will impact your department for years

You deserve to work with the best in the industry. Censis Technologies is the leader in surgical instrument tracking and management solutions. Our CensiTrac system was the first surgical tracking system in the industry capable of tracking to the instrument-level.

Secure your system today, so that you can count on us for years to come.

Easy, Efficient, Everything You Need in One System

At the end of the day, you need a partner who is solely focused on providing your Perioperative and Central Sterile a safe and reliable all-in-one portfolio of technology, clinical services, and personalized, unlimited support.

Standardize Your Health System with the Censis Portfolio.

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